18 October 2013


I currently live in a tree-dense area.  Lots of trees, old trees, leafy trees, piney trees, hearty trees, and tree up-shoots everywhere.  Finding a tree-less space is, dare I say, impossible?  I like them lots.  They are an absolute favorite of mine.  Hands down.  One of the best features of where I live.

I was pondering my tree-love this morning.  I realized that my draw towards trees is because of our similarities. 

We both grow.  
We both need food + sunshine.  
We weather storms and seasons alike.  
We all bear fruit.  
We come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, varieties.  
We all have roots and seeds.  

Some stand alone, others in groups.  
Some have leaves, others needles.  
Some change with seasons, others remain the same.  
Some are near water, others are far from it.  
Some grow fast, others slow.  
Some are strong, others collapse during their first storm.  
Some have visible scars, others have hidden decay.
Some get to hold birds, others hold Christmas lights.
Some provide shade, others produce fruit.

See?  Since trees were created first, I'll say it this way: we are so much like trees!

Today a tree taught me about transplanting.  My family is looking to cut our roots and transplant our tree out west.  Whole different environment, culture, and state.  Big {welcome} changes that we are working through as best we can.   

As I pondered transplanting I thought about the process trees go through.  After transplant they are fragile, somewhat dormant, and unsteady until they can re-establish themselves.  They need time to get new roots down deep.  They need water and sun to help them have strength for the work they now need to accomplish.  Flowers and fruit are secondary to getting roots down.  They need time, quiet, and care.

I feel as though the transitional journey a tree takes testifies of what's to come for us.  We will transplant our family and then enter a new season of slow, anonymous, and quiet.  I think it may be somewhat nice that our move aligns with the winter season.  Isn't it just amazing how God plans and orders our days?