02 June 2014

Daddy Focused

I am watching my son shadow my Husband.  

My 3.5 year old is typically found hovering around my husband.  He's talked about nonstop.  My son tells me things like, "When I get big like daddy..." or "One day when I'm a daddy I will do ...." or "I have to go to work like daddy."   They even have matching USMC shirts that they wear most Saturdays.  If daddy has a hammer, son has his hammer.  If daddy goes running, son runs too.  Daddy works out back, son is there "working" right next to him.

My son loves his father.
My son wants to be just like his daddy.

As I watch this [healthy] obsession grow I am constantly struck by how little I mimic my son.  We are told to be child like in the 18th chapter of Matthew.  Yet the older I get the more I find myself unlike children.

I don't long for time with my heavenly Father.  I don't usually talk about him incessantly.  I don't picture myself being an imitation of Him.  I'm not nearly as captivated by Him as I could be.  Not anywhere near the intensity that my son has for his daddy.

As I watch my son shadow my Husband I am reminded of my own heart's desires and contentment being pulled away from my heavenly Father.  My focus turns only toward the tangible.  Worry slowly creeps into my thinking.  The troubles I see pull me from God's presence.  Prayers slow to a trickle and become both powerless and lifeless.  The destructive habit of intense naval gazing severs seeing the eternal.  Hopelessness sets in deep.     

All of this because I stop child-like adoration of my God.  My Father becomes uninteresting and distant and slow.  I loose my focus, zeal, and love dwindles.

As I watch my son shadow my Husband I pray earnestly for the same kind of heart toward my Father.  I want to be like Him.  I want to mimic Him.  I want Him to be the focus of the day.  I want Him to be all of my world.

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