19 December 2013

The Beauty I See

The more I walk this earth the more I find that my heart NEEDS beautiful things.  I know it's Christmas time and you read that sentence and think platinum, cashmere, or diamonds.  Although they can be lovely, my heart craves homemade/handmade beauty.
It's the difference between a Christmas tree in a hotel lobby and the one I have down the hall. The professional tree holds colors that are coordinated, shimmering eye candy ornaments, a variety of sophisticated textures, and well spaced twinkling lights.  My tree holds every color you can imagine, ornaments in clumps [because my 3 year old put them on], our lights are prelit, and no topper because we don't have one.  And did I mention that it's only a towering 3' tall?   

My tree is homemade, it's a Charlie Brown tree, and it holds beauty.  I love that there is significance and joy and beauty nearby my this season.  I need it.  My heart needs it now, here, in this season of celebration and change.
Another way that I am bringing homemade beauty into my daily life is photography.  I love to capture the moment.  Document the sun angle on the grass.  Find a pattern in the tree bark and leaves.  Freeze my son jumping, running, or sliding at the park.  I am working to see photography as meditative.  Contemplative.  Soul nourishment.  I keep these images before me in the form of seasonal desktop backgrounds.  It takes less than 15 minutes to make and it daily feeds my need for beauty.  These images speak to me about seasons, family, memories, and nature.  All things that I need all the time.