14 January 2014

Thoughts on Upheaval

In December my family and I relocated.  We went from Virginia to Colorado.  Needless to say it has been quiet the time of change.  Virginia and Colorado are not very similar.  We only know 2 people here, my In Laws.  We are restarting from scratch. Whole new life, location, and future.

Can I just say that it is hard!  Transition is tough and un-fun and stress-filled.  I am grateful to the family and friends that are praying with us, sustaining us with their digital presence, and cheering us forward in what God has for us.  So very grateful to our community.

Hindsight being 20/20, here are a few thoughts for those about to enter a season of upheaval:
  • Pour all you have, and a little more, into friendships now. We all need community [which is deathly slow to build]. Keep up with those that are your core friendships. Keep them close. Because transition will have you leaning heavily on those who know you to support you. You will need them dearly so make sure they are around.
  • Start praying for church, home, and friendships now. It's never too early to start making those requests known to God. I firmly believe our year of prayer has made this time smoother.
  • Change is hard!!!!!! I can't say this enough. Some days are easier than others. Overall it is tough and the enemy wants you to fail at it (or at least feel like a failure at it). It's not easy and nothing will be simple. It is a challenge. 
  • Give yourself grace. Tell yourself often that it will improve by this time next year. 
  • Don't rush yourself into making life just like it was. And yet seek a rhythm to maintain consistency of days.
  • Get a really good haircut just before you leave, it will be the last thing on your to-do list after moving.
  • Pay for activities (I hate to say this since I am against paying for organized chaos). Get the kids out of the house and into fun (swim, gym, music, whatever). It will help make friendships, get you out of the house (unpacking can be crazy-inducing), and provide the much needed energy burn.
  • Save money, because it's expensive.
  • Save money to return. To help with the change, go back home. I am planning to return once a year.  I need to go back and see people face to face. It won't help me feel planted, but it will help my heart feel grounded.
  • Talk often of the change and the challenges as a family. 
  • Pack your beds + bedding last, that way you can make sure you have a real bed to sleep in the very first night in your home. Coffee maker is also a good last thing to pack.
  • Have prayer support. Hefty prayer is helpful. People you can reach out to when you are down/low and can speak truth to your heart to uplift your spirit and encourage your steps towards God.  This is essential.