29 July 2014

Post and Panel

The Pastor at my church recently talked of life as a fence (starting at 21 minutes).  There are turning points, milestones, and those are like the posts of a fence.  Few and far between.  After every post comes a season of walking out that choice, or waiting, or the beginning of a new adventure.  These are the panels.  He said our lives are a series of post, panel, post, panel, post, etc.  We move from one major decision to the in-between to the next overwhelming circumstance to the waiting and so on.  Ups and downs.  Starts and stops.  Post, panel, post, panel, post...

Recently I had an experience that I haven't walked through in several years.  Watching the scene unfold was watching a post be placed in my life.  Milestone.  Turning point.  A day you always remember.  I was in shock and filled with joy.  To watch myself walk this road again, it was like a dream, only better.

I have spent many moments since pondering my last post.  Years ago, when the previous post was driven into the ground, who was I then?  Who am I now as I watch the new post settle into place?  What have a learned these past few years?  How have I grown?  Am I more mature?  More settled?  More bold?  If the panel had never existed, if there was post after post, what would I have missed?  How has my view of God widened/deepened?  Am I rooted?  Was I rooted back then?

I agree with Pastor, we only get a few moments in life to look back and accurately see our journey.  To have a mountain-top perspective on our lives is rare.  But when it comes, as it did for me a few weeks ago, I want to be ready. I want a dazzling view. I want to see a more whole me.  I want to see changes for good.  I want to be assured that my work is worth it.  I want to know that I am not the same today as I was yesterday.  

I am grateful for a opportunity to be encouraged by this perspective and experience.  I know they are both special and profound.  I can only pray that when my next post comes, the view behind me will be just as stunning.

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