18 December 2014

Mudpies for Cake

I made mudpies as a child.  After a rain (which was often in Virginia) a neighbor girl and I would use sticks to stir up the smoothest mud hole.  Then we would carefully place rocks around the perimeter as decorations.  And typically there was moss available, from the tree in my yard, that we could harvest and add to the concoction.   Sometimes grass or bark would find it's way in as well.  All depends on what was available and how crafty we were feeling.  Mudpies.  The original playdough.

I was recently reminded of this pastime as I was praying to God for help with some old wounds.  Pain from my past was revealed and I didn't know what to do with the hurt.  So I asked God what I needed to do.  He told me to bring it to Him.  Then I saw the picture.  {Being visual means God often gives me pictures to help me understand Him + I.}

Little me, a lovely drippy mudpie in hand, placing it into the hands of God.

Eww gross!  was my first thought.  Why would I EVER consider this a good idea?  Why would I give the King a mudpie?  It isn't a usual gift, it isn't costly, nothing even close to pretty.  And of course it's terribly messy.  Why would He ask me to do that?  I didn't understand the image.

But as I have been pondering this for a few days I think mudpie is a great image.  God asks us to give Him our past, pain, failures, and questions.  When you think of it, everything we have to offer is earthly.  It's all dirt.  It's nasty compared to His glory.  It's sinful and dark.  He is vastly far above mud, no matter how well you dress it up.    

Although childishly simple and earthly dirty, He receives the mudpie with great delight.  As our Father, He is thrilled to have us offer Him ourselves and loves being invited to the mudpie party.  And what is best is that  He can transform our mess to beauty.

God offered me birthday cake.

I am not sure what it will be for you, but for me, the King offered me birthday cake in exchange for mudpies.  A yellow birthday cake with chocolate frosting complete with sprinkles and candles.  It has to be birthday cake because that symbolizes full on celebration.  And that is what God does.  God celebrates each of us wholly and individually.  Always.  He celebrates us with His love, His delight,  and His acceptance + joy.  For me the image of birthday cake speaks of each of these.  Birthday cake can also connect to the ideas of growing and maturing.  A product of giving your dirt to God.  Birthday cake is one of my favorites and God knew that.

Mudpies for Cake.  A beautiful exchange.  

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